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Facade RPG - OOC Comments, Posts, & Conversation.
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3rd-Nov-2006 02:21 pm(no subject)
Hello, I am another new player.

I'll be playing Sora, and my screen name is ApplePotato.

A warning: I will most likely harrass you at least once on AIM.

1st-Nov-2006 11:09 pm - Gah...
default, Layla
This might be a little late in coming, since I haven't posted a whole heck of a lot recently...

School has just blindsided me. In a big way. I've only been here a month or so, so I had no idea this was coming, but the school I attend has a series of writing assessments -- and all Honors English students are also required to take part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Now I by no means intend to finish this novel in November. XD But the teacher must be appeased and so, for the next while, I'll be less available and more busy writing MLA and research papers. But I will update when I can catch a breath! Hopefully this time'll just fly by.
1st-Nov-2006 08:43 pm - Hihi~
Squall -- Side view
Greetings everyone. New player here with your very own Squall Leonhart. After a little delay.

Name's Dai. Please be adding him and directing me in the ways of the RP. And harassing Squall in the process. :D
30th-Oct-2006 02:30 am - would you like a laugh?
Riku in the Org. Coat
I'm in an Email based RP Playing Cecil from FF4, in a very large world with all these plots going on. Well one guy was playing Cloud. Mind you an 'I've got to kill Sephiroth to free me from my darkness' type Cloud. Yeah zero personality growth. Well by the time he tried to hide from us it was after he had Cloud swear his undying loyalty and protection to Aerith, a 10 year old born ages in the future Aerith but Aerith all the same. We by then had already planned out how we were going to kill this idiot, but I digress. This is his lead character in his KH RPG that he created... Have fun gang.
Here we goCollapse )
29th-Oct-2006 07:19 am - Introducing Harle
Hello Facaders! This is your resident Addy-mun! I'm here to introduce my latest muse none other than Madame Harle from Chrono Cross.

Please bug me on AIM if you wish Harle to bug you. She's quite the interesting one, I can promise you that. XD.
28th-Oct-2006 05:03 pm - lol i'm craaaaazy

It's Aelita, aka Rika-mun (haveaprophecy), bringing you the first mute alien hobo of the game, Echoes! He comes from the novel/manga/anime Boogiepop Phantom. if you like science fiction, i'd suggest checking it out. *pimps her canon*


Again, my AIM's cake or gay and my email's aelitachan@gmail.com. Feel free to spam me out! Just because I like weird fandoms doesn't mean I'm a horrible person! okay maybe

friend add ekozu and all that~!
27th-Oct-2006 02:35 am(no subject)
*cracks neck* Alrighty. Time to get into moviational mode!

Now I know the whole lot of us got all sorts of school goings on and hiatuses...hiati...*looks it up* okay. Hiatuses. So the week has been slowwwww. But hot damn I love the whole setup for this RP and wanna see so much activity this weekend that blood will shoot out of my ears in utter and total amazement. Please? Pretty please?

But perhaps that's too graphic.

Okay. Fine. Enough activity for me to make a very girlish happy sound no man should ever be capable of making.

So c'mon! Get out there and get those creative juices goin'!
22nd-Oct-2006 09:56 pm(no subject)
'spose I should introduce m'self. Name's Nerpin. Nice and simple eh? Glad to be aboard and let Rowen out for a walk. He's been clawing inside my head for awhile and I'm really happy I found an RP to let him run free.

Can find me on AIM on Badru Botti and another that won't be too public. Other ways to reach me...gtalk, msn, just ask.

Anyway, I'm short on words unlike Rowen so I guess I've said my piece. See you all around.
22nd-Oct-2006 08:48 pm - Just thought I'd introduce myself...
default, Layla
...I don't particularly subscribe to being a stranger; I'm one of the nicer girls.

Anyway, hi! I'm Jessi and I play Layla Bradford now. You can check her application or her User Info (which isn't exactly done yet, but I'm getting there! It's been a freaky weekend) to learn a little bit about her...and you can check my journal to learn more about me. I promise I don't bite!

I lurk about on AIM constantly; the usual names are alterkitty and absintherealism -- I'd prefer the latter of the two if you'd like to roleplay with me, but I'm flexible. I'm on Yahoo once in a blue moon when it behaves itself, you can find me there under queen_of_bandits. I'm available...a lot. XD I'm in school of course, but in the afternoons until about midnight and like, a thirty minute window in the mornings I'm available!

Send me a message sometime, I'd love to hear from you -- and I can't wait to get fully involved.
20th-Oct-2006 08:24 pm - Temporarily MIA
Just as a forewarning, I'm going to be out of town for this weekend (with no internet access, mind you, since my grandfather doesn't even own a functioning computer and my aunt's can only run Word properly), and probably won't be able to get online until Monday or Tuesday. ♥ So, Demy darling, I won't be able to speak with you for a few days.

In case anyone wanted to know.

I love you all~ ♥♥
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